One of the meditation I practice is called Vipassana meditation. Basically I practice watching my thoughts, allow it to happen, notice,  then let it go. Because thoughts are just  like the clouds in the sky, they just come whenever they want and leave whenever they want.

It is practice to aware of space where my mind dwells most of the time and use that to learn and improve myself.

Practicing yoga for me is like,  literally steering your mind the way how you want it to go.

Sounds very simple, but very powerful.


머릿속에 떠오르는 생각 들을 바라보고 지나쳐 가도록 내버려 둔다. 또 올라오면 또 뭔지 바라보고 지나치게 내버려 둔다…또 올라오면 또 감정없이 보다가 다시 또 사라지는걸 느낀다…또 올라오면…또 지나치길 기다리고..

…그러다 나 를 찾는 것 이다.


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