Keep coming back to what you don’t yet know.


I used to judge people around me based on my own perspective. I was often frustrated by other’s behavior and spending all my energy on reacting, instead of understanding.

It is same to my yoga practice.

If I don’t tune in/ listen/ understand myself, I would never know how much I can bend that knee, how much I can lift that leg up or how much I can lower my body… to find the sweet/right spot that changes every day, every moment.

Finding answers from outside, blaming, forcing myself, trying to lift my leg as high as the girl in front of me, blindly follow the person next to me… I often forget they are not ME. We all are different and most importantly we don’t even know what we can do, what my body can, cannot do until we start doing it…it’s about less thinking and more of feeling.

We have to tune in and find that sweet spot inbetween not enough and too much. If we don’t focus on our feelings we will never find that spot.

We just think we know.

It’s all in our head. Knowing we don’t know is the part of our practice.

And this is not easy, we need focus, concentration and letting go of our own expectation and judgement. Only then the answer comes.



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