Waking up is the part of life’s journey.

The little girl inside of Min was abandoned in a hurry with the rest of childhood and its memories creating an emotional void filled with grief. By connecting that little girl, Min starts discovering a version of herself that she never knew existed.

Her first art project the #WriteToMin series was inspired these awakening moments in early 2013:

First, Min made the random choice of going through yoga teacher training in the middle of a hectic life as a commercial artist. Teacher training opened her perspective and helped her read a book sent by her father whom she’d been running from for more than a decade. The book was about encouraging adults to get reacquainted with their inner child.

She learned that everyone is broken in some way, we develop as best we can until we can’t go further because we lack of the tools to cope with the complex challenges of adult life. We have a breakdown or begin to live a lie by behaving in ways influenced by society or popular culture.   

Some continue with the pretense for entire lifetimes without knowing the true healing essence within themselves.

This valuable lesson isn’t just helping her to understand herself, it also helps her look into her dad’s childhood which was much worse than hers due to poverty and ignorance of his culture and a generation torn apart by world war II.

After the book, she had a glimpse of truth from her Dad’s perspective about why he treated her with so much anger and violence, why he had to approach the world with negativity, why he hated and mistrusted his own siblings, friends, even his three children and himself – which explained why he couldn’t give her any love. He was practicing the lessons he learned when he was a little boy, he just didn’t’ receive love as the people around him weren’t able to trust each other in the competitive environment they had to survive.

That’s all her dad knows about the meaning of life.

Now she believe childhood should never end, she’s learning to dig deep inside of her and unlock the feelings that regain confidence and who she truly is and little Min is finally coming out to play when they make art together.