Corporate yoga

Our mental stress isn’t about things that happen in life, it’s about how we react to what happens. Life goes on regardless so let’s find the tools to thrive.

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I bring yoga to your workplace with mindfulness to keep energy levels high and high spirits where we spend the majority of our day. Yoga increases creativity,  productivity and overall well-being for employees

I meet many people searching for ways to restore balance in their lives but can’t find the time to commit and stay on the right track because they are pulled in so many directions. By bringing yoga onsite into your space we can work together to drive productivity, reduce stress in a convenient way that makes employees feel the love and motivation to take routine care of themselves.

I offer 45-90min yoga practice session at lunch time, or any time during before or after the work day.

Restore balance to you and your workplace, as an employee or employer you deserve to spend your day feeling awake and excited to do your job whatever that may be.

Please contact me for a free consultation on way to bring yoga to your workplace.