Die moment after moment. Every moments are new and unknown.

Once in a while I catch myself going thru my life in auto pilot mode, even in my yoga practice and doing art-  it is one of the most special times in my life…, – just being with myself. – then I get back again then all fall apart then get back again, fall apart again…

I often not honest with myself or I am just so  lost in chaos in my head….

…but I have a choice and power to change this moment. It has always been that way. I just haven’t activating them for long time.



My father is still never able to let go of his ex-wife from 35 years ago.

Now she’s gone, but he is still holding strong anger towards her.


And I have been holding strong anger towards my dad for nearly 30 years.

We all really need to let go, and live life.

When I slow down with my own strength, 37.2 Trillion cells in my body finally slow down and relax.




When you focus on your breath, your mind becomes quiet, when your mind becomes quiet, you’ll find whole new world with endless possibilities, and that new world is yoga ….for me.


저 깊은 끝에서 어딘가 있는 내자신.

Practicing yoga allows us to feel our life. We often tend to live our life chasing for the goal, and thinking “If we get there, we will be happy” … but our life is very much happening right now. These small nameless moments ARE our life, constantly happening while we are wasting our time on thinking of  “unknown future”

So let’s practice on living today. Give that extra love to whoever there with you. Because our life is limited, and no one knows what will happen tomorrow.

Happy July 4th!






…..I was listening, but I couldn’t hear, I couldn’t feel. I didn’t know how to feel, I never tried to feel… it’s time to unlearn bad habits and relearn.



들어도 듣지못하고 인생의 반을 살았다. 가장 힘든 연습 중에 하나.

Even when you can’t hear, it’s always there.



들릴때도 들리지 않을때도 항상 거기에 있는 소리…